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yay peptobismol

ist good because i hate diarrhea anywho i just got back from my trip to Iowa or as me and my california cuz call it hick ville but they say that its not yeah right. my family is the craziest and i am feeling hot hot hot its like a freakin sauna in here it sucks ohhh by the way i am at stacys house and we had french toast for dinner and i made it so u know it was very good i was trying to spell a different word but i suck at spelling so there goes that idea on to iowa because i did so much in such a small me and my cuzins went to the mall and went into Spencer's and that is one naughty place but i really like it first of all i am one horny mother fucker except i would never fuck my mother becaue that is just ewwwhhhhhhh (cringe)but at the store there was a 10' glow in the dark vibrator (fun fun fun) and i was so close to buying it i wish i had becasue i wouldnt be updating my LJ i would be ummmm well i hope u know if u dont then leave me a message i will have a chat with u about the birds and the bees (teehhhhheeeee) jk talk to ur parents about that gross stuff well this is all ready a long LJ so i will talk more about it on the next LJ lata my peps
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