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okay so this summer is going well really slowly but thats ok at least i am doing something basketball and work speaking of i get to work to day right after bball practice now the question is do i go all sweaty or take the fastest shower of my life less than 5 minutes i think i am going to be a little wet when i go to work today hahah anywho i was talking to my 17 year old cuz and the thinks he is all that in a bag of potato chips well i got a news flash for him he isnt and he is the lays kind so he leaves everyones hands all greasy and that it not cool(that actually is gross if u think about it but i am trying not to because he is my cuz) ewhh dont think that way he is my cuzin sickos well that is all for now but i work for 3 to 9 just incase u might want to stop in a say hi i will say hi back i am nice like that

lata my peps

p.s.for anyone who is wondering i am no longer with ross (boo) because he is moving to florida and we dont want to have that far of a relation but we will met before he leaves to magic mountain so if anyone wants to go i am just waiting for the date form him but if u want let me know.
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