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bored as hell

well i really havent updated in a while but this is exciting news i am going to disneyland with stacy for her bday and we are so going to rock that place until it closes and then i must say that it was my parents aniversity and they have been married for 18 long years and i made a funny at dinner yeah i was proud of that. there was more things to say bu t i can never remember what i was goingt to say or write but anywho i cant wait until wedsneday yeah baby i am going to bring a camera and take a pic with every creature imaginable and yes there will be random ness all the way because stacy didnt take it at warped but thats ok here we come disney land

ps i live spiderman

lata peps
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I'm sorry...Mike didn't want to bring it...and I didn't get one =*(. Mike is bringing his camera tomorrow woot woot! Even more randomness its gonna rock. Maybe you will find a guy you want to take home like last year at warped.