jen_n_n (jen_n_n) wrote,

bored as hell

man oh man it like my first day off of work and i am like so bored someone help me well since no one is answering me i will talk for a while like stacy is back and i was so excited we tryed to go to magic but my mom went bonkers on me so that didnt work oh hey very exciting news i will be trying to get my license on friday....FRIDAY yes friday so if u are my friend i will be calling u on friday around 5 right before i got to work so that is all for now until friday
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Good Luck...i passed so you can too!
I'm sorry bout your mom...but you will be calling me first so I can jump up and down with you at the same time while saying hip hip horray!
its cool about my mom i just dont know what went wrong and i know i am going to pass my test because i just have too
You have to! Then we will celebrate at the Ice Station and at the Cobalt!
Yay for working too much!

Your fav lazer tagger,
Roam The River loves you. SO you should love Toumaline...