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ok so i am so writing again and i love it things are jsut flowing out of me like tears that have fallen but anywho i wrote this one literially a half an hour ago tell me what u all think....


sitting in a darkened corner
light is fading its getting dimmer
hopes and dreams seem to fade away like the light
isnt that what life is though?
a dream?
a hope?
something to catch onto and hold through the night?
i hope and dream of the day when i catch that someone special
i could live life for that, right?

falling asleepand yet waking up to your face
a face i have not seen
it seems so perfect then i know for certain i am dreaming but still im hoping againt hope and dream against dreams for that person with that amazing contagious smile and a personality to match, not even going into detail of what a physic of a man that could fuck all night
waking up to that perfect dream of that perfect person
you could dream to hope and hope to dream about.

its not perfect but its ok by me let me know what u think and i will talk to u peps lata
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