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all right where to begin this weekend really rocked so friday it was my dads b-day and we went to black angus yummy ohh yeah and then later that night me and my sister went to the dance at magic and that was exciting i felt so black even though u cant really feel like a color i think u get what i am saying like i was really busting some moves ohh yea anywho on sat i was going to go to my cuzins to spent the night but he is gay and had to work and go to his friends so i couldnt go but i hung out with stacy and that i would have to say was way better, we went to see robots and that movie was so funny u have no idea and then we went to target to visit david and i tried on some sunglasses and looked really hot but anywho i scared david later by calling him and told him i was his staker and it was funny i am still in trainging though so i couldnt tell him where i got his number though he knows i am best buddies with stacy who was with me and she had it duh david...and then we ened with some orgasmicly good cold stone wow it was so good and then sunday i was bumming it at home but then i went to stacys and saw the movie ladder 49 and wow that was a good movie i cried i really cried and i dont remember the last time i cried at a movie but anywho i had enchiladas for dinner yummy wahoo and then i laughed and didnt make any sense when i said triggered my laugh happy yeah i know i am a nerd but u got to love me well that all for now i will talk lata
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