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Spiderman saved me 3 times... [entries|friends|calendar]

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[13 Mar 2005|07:31pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

all right where to begin this weekend really rocked so friday it was my dads b-day and we went to black angus yummy ohh yeah and then later that night me and my sister went to the dance at magic and that was exciting i felt so black even though u cant really feel like a color i think u get what i am saying like i was really busting some moves ohh yea anywho on sat i was going to go to my cuzins to spent the night but he is gay and had to work and go to his friends so i couldnt go but i hung out with stacy and that i would have to say was way better, we went to see robots and that movie was so funny u have no idea and then we went to target to visit david and i tried on some sunglasses and looked really hot but anywho i scared david later by calling him and told him i was his staker and it was funny i am still in trainging though so i couldnt tell him where i got his number though he knows i am best buddies with stacy who was with me and she had it duh david...and then we ened with some orgasmicly good cold stone wow it was so good and then sunday i was bumming it at home but then i went to stacys and saw the movie ladder 49 and wow that was a good movie i cried i really cried and i dont remember the last time i cried at a movie but anywho i had enchiladas for dinner yummy wahoo and then i laughed and didnt make any sense when i said triggered my laugh happy yeah i know i am a nerd but u got to love me well that all for now i will talk lata

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[09 Mar 2005|08:12pm]
[ mood | content ]

ok so i am so writing again and i love it things are jsut flowing out of me like tears that have fallen but anywho i wrote this one literially a half an hour ago tell me what u all think....


sitting in a darkened corner
light is fading its getting dimmer
hopes and dreams seem to fade away like the light
isnt that what life is though?
a dream?
a hope?
something to catch onto and hold through the night?
i hope and dream of the day when i catch that someone special
i could live life for that, right?

falling asleepand yet waking up to your face
a face i have not seen
it seems so perfect then i know for certain i am dreaming but still im hoping againt hope and dream against dreams for that person with that amazing contagious smile and a personality to match, not even going into detail of what a physic of a man that could fuck all night
waking up to that perfect dream of that perfect person
you could dream to hope and hope to dream about.

its not perfect but its ok by me let me know what u think and i will talk to u peps lata

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[05 Mar 2005|09:44pm]
[ mood | awake ]

ok so i love ya all i am so alone but i am sooo ok with that and i got the most random call by megan mathews and it was kinda ok cause we got to chat and i really needed that but anywho if any one really just wants to talk you all know i am soo there for you and i have of course a new number and that is 1-661-600-2616 i know its the best so call me up some time to chat or do something i love ya... lata

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NEW FONE!!!!!!! [04 Mar 2005|08:43pm]
[ mood | bored ]


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its been a while [19 Feb 2005|08:26pm]
[ mood | splendifious ]

wow i havent updated in a long time i dont even work anymore and i wish i was...but i am working on my school work which unfortunaely have gotten better since i stopped working which sucks because that means that my folks were right....so anywho jsut to keep u all updated life is great i have my best buddy for ever(stacY) over for the weekend, her parents went to las vegas so we were suppose to go to solvang friday but it was pouring like crazy and had to turn around from the 126 and i hope it is not raining next weekend so i can finally go to my cuzins house who jsut lives in ventura but i want to drive there by my self it will be fun but now i can drive other peps and have been driving stacy to and from every wheare we go....but i do nt mind its fun we went to towerrecords which i think i am going to work there when i can go back to work it will be awsome potatos eyeaha!!!!!!!!!!!!soooooooo until next time farthy well my peps!!!!!!!!!!!!!(thank you all who read my shit)and i mean this in the nices way!

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bored as hell [10 Aug 2004|01:49pm]
man oh man it like my first day off of work and i am like so bored someone help me well since no one is answering me i will talk for a while like stacy is back and i was so excited we tryed to go to magic but my mom went bonkers on me so that didnt work oh hey very exciting news i will be trying to get my license on friday....FRIDAY yes friday so if u are my friend i will be calling u on friday around 5 right before i got to work so that is all for now until friday
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just sitting here [30 Jul 2004|12:07pm]
well i am like the happiest person on like the planet ok i shouldnt be that excited but i just scheduled my appiontment for my behind the wheel driving test i jsut hope i pass i hope i hope and then me i could go to the show that is on august 28th Lao and simply lost i miss them so much i cant wait well i have to go get ready for work so i will update lata
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life [24 Jul 2004|09:31pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

i am home and i jsut got off of work i think i am gong to the swap meet tomarrow i was suppose to go with marissa but i dont think she is going but i like to go i get to scare the little kids not that i dont do that every time i go to work but hey.today at work i was working the laser tag and we were so bored that me and amy were looking at the screen saver and like every 15 mins a random cat would fly by it was the funniest thing like there were cds flying around but then there was the cat and we were like wow.yup wow it was great.well later on that well lata so umm lata.

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hiya [22 Jul 2004|11:51am]
[ mood | amused ]

well this week i have mainly been working which is a good thing because i am making a lot of cheddar and i like cheese oh and i am making money so that is a good thing as well disneyland was radicall and well it was the bomb (opps i dont think i should have said bomb) bomb, bomb bomb bomb bombwell u know what he says i love that movie if u know it tell me!but i took so many random pics its going to be funnn yup well ttfn for now lata my peps

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bored as hell [12 Jul 2004|10:02pm]
[ mood | confused ]

well i really havent updated in a while but this is exciting news i am going to disneyland with stacy for her bday and we are so going to rock that place until it closes and then i must say that it was my parents aniversity and they have been married for 18 long years and i made a funny at dinner yeah i was proud of that. there was more things to say bu t i can never remember what i was goingt to say or write but anywho i cant wait until wedsneday yeah baby i am going to bring a camera and take a pic with every creature imaginable and yes there will be random ness all the way because stacy didnt take it at warped but thats ok here we come disney land

ps i live spiderman

lata peps

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Drawing [04 Jul 2004|10:52pm]
Its Stacy's turn too invade Jen's lj...

here is the drawing that Jen did and didn't know how to put it in her lj so thats what I'm here for...

click meCollapse )
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[22 Jun 2004|10:52am]
[ mood | crazy ]

okay so this summer is going well really slowly but thats ok at least i am doing something basketball and work speaking of i get to work to day right after bball practice now the question is do i go all sweaty or take the fastest shower of my life less than 5 minutes i think i am going to be a little wet when i go to work today hahah anywho i was talking to my 17 year old cuz and the thinks he is all that in a bag of potato chips well i got a news flash for him he isnt and he is the lays kind so he leaves everyones hands all greasy and that it not cool(that actually is gross if u think about it but i am trying not to because he is my cuz) ewhh dont think that way he is my cuzin sickos well that is all for now but i work for 3 to 9 just incase u might want to stop in a say hi i will say hi back i am nice like that

lata my peps

p.s.for anyone who is wondering i am no longer with ross (boo) because he is moving to florida and we dont want to have that far of a relation but we will met before he leaves to magic mountain so if anyone wants to go i am just waiting for the date form him but if u want let me know.

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HAPPY FATHERS DAY [20 Jun 2004|10:02pm]
[ mood | horny ]

not that anyones father is reading this but i just thought i would say that so that no one gets offended. so i went to worrk to day and i have to say it was really really really boring today why oh why doesnt anyone come visit me durning work it might help me by the way i work again on tues from3 to 9 come it really is a fun place i see kids of all ages coming all the time please so anywho i will let u with this....i stole a braclet from work hahahah on u
lata peps

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i didnt break the chair [18 Jun 2004|09:18pm]
[ mood | horny ]

yeha thats right i didnt break it don u did ha ha ha in side thing stacy would know. yesterday i went to go see Garfeild and it sucked later i was taking to tyler which was exciting i mean for me at least we werer taking dirty and right when he wrote the words deep throat my mom walked by and said who are u talkn to and i had to close the screen that was a close one i hate when my mom is like i want to know everyone u talk to and their mothers and dont u forget that my jap that is my full name except in intial form (for ur fyi)sorry that really didnt make any sense and mike was really mean to me tonite stacy u need to have a little chat with him about being nice to people so that is all i have to say right now i have my conas in a bunch and yes it is between the cheeks (inside joke with stacy again sorry more people have to hang out with me so i can say more stuff like that....

lata my peps
call me

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yay peptobismol [14 Jun 2004|08:07pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

ist good because i hate diarrhea anywho i just got back from my trip to Iowa or as me and my california cuz call it hick ville but they say that its not yeah right. my family is the craziest and i am feeling hot hot hot its like a freakin sauna in here it sucks ohhh by the way i am at stacys house and we had french toast for dinner and i made it so u know it was very good i was trying to spell a different word but i suck at spelling so there goes that idea on to iowa because i did so much in such a small state......so me and my cuzins went to the mall and went into Spencer's and that is one naughty place but i really like it first of all i am one horny mother fucker except i would never fuck my mother becaue that is just ewwwhhhhhhh (cringe)but at the store there was a 10' glow in the dark vibrator (fun fun fun) and i was so close to buying it i wish i had becasue i wouldnt be updating my LJ i would be ummmm well i hope u know if u dont then leave me a message i will have a chat with u about the birds and the bees (teehhhhheeeee) jk talk to ur parents about that gross stuff well this is all ready a long LJ so i will talk more about it on the next LJ lata my peps

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i am like so excited [03 Jun 2004|01:34pm]
[ mood | excited ]

if u peoples didnt realize it but we have one more day of school left and i am like so fuckin excited not just because of the school thing but because i am leaving to go to Iowa and yes that is a state in the U.S. but tomarrow is going to be fuckn long i have to get up to take fuckin finals and then i have to go to fuckin work that fuckn rocks no wait it fuckn bloulders not even close to pebbles hells yeah... sorry i am like in a fuckn good mood right now and i just keep fuckin saying fuckn and i dont know why .So i ask u all why do i even fuckn care because i have no idea and just watched some of my lord and master and i am still laughing about some of the stuff he said but anywho i will leave u with this
lata my peps

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soooooooooooooo excitedddddd [27 May 2004|05:47pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

that is a weird subject but i am so happy right now i finallly have a boy friend and not just a boy who is a friend and school is so almost over and i am so excited because that means i get to go tot Iowa and yes that is a state in the U.S. my bf didnt know that but it is ok because he was so cute about it any who i am going to be working this weekend at mountasia on sat from 2pm to 7pm and sun from 4pm to 9pm come visit me i get bored near the end of my shifts excpt on sat but it can be fun the arched is the most fun and the least excepensive if u have no money like me but this is all i have to say for now i will update when i get back form iowa i will for sure have stuff to say then and if u didnt know this i am really horny and hyper right now SAVE ME PLEASE!!!!!!

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what fun [19 May 2004|08:40pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

at the plaza it was fun i cant explain it seeing LAO for the first time got me so excited and of course seeing nick again but that is besides the point and if u have looked at stacys lj u would know how much fun u people missed. but brain was amazing geetarist and i am really imressed and every one else rocked too its just i have seen them except that weekend flight i had no idea that the gaitarist form that band went to saugus and that is weird because as stacy said he is every where. sooo i really summed this journal up quick for not being on for a long time. oh hey about that i got some what grouded at the plaza because i really forgot what time i told them and they got all worred and crap and my mom started to swear at me and it scared me and my dad was cool about it and that was like switched places because yeah so i am getting tired of writing so lata my peps and i feel a little horny and u people didnt need to know that sorry

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wow am i hyper [06 May 2004|04:07pm]
ok so i havent written in a while and i had a lot of things to talk about but i cant remember any of it so i will talk about the most recent events like for instance ross that i am really crushing over and he sent me a pic of him and he is one cute stud muffin.and so i get to go driving right now get excited for me lata
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just living [28 Apr 2004|08:28pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

ok yeah i went to a doger game yesturday and it was so much funn. i got to drive (on the free way )yikes i know but i only hit a couple of eole and it was a hit and run so i couldnt tell ya if they lived.but anywho at the game there was this mets fan there because they were kinda playing there and so he was the high light of the whole game the could only be one word to describe him with "MULLET" OH YES THIS GUY HAD A MULLET AND IT WAS SO GREAT! some people start to haras him in like the 8th innning ( a little late)but it was funn none the less. and that was about it for yesturday and today it wasnt very funn but thats life.

lata my peps

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