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what fun

at the plaza it was fun i cant explain it seeing LAO for the first time got me so excited and of course seeing nick again but that is besides the point and if u have looked at stacys lj u would know how much fun u people missed. but brain was amazing geetarist and i am really imressed and every one else rocked too its just i have seen them except that weekend flight i had no idea that the gaitarist form that band went to saugus and that is weird because as stacy said he is every where. sooo i really summed this journal up quick for not being on for a long time. oh hey about that i got some what grouded at the plaza because i really forgot what time i told them and they got all worred and crap and my mom started to swear at me and it scared me and my dad was cool about it and that was like switched places because yeah so i am getting tired of writing so lata my peps and i feel a little horny and u people didnt need to know that sorry
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