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i didnt break the chair

yeha thats right i didnt break it don u did ha ha ha in side thing stacy would know. yesterday i went to go see Garfeild and it sucked later i was taking to tyler which was exciting i mean for me at least we werer taking dirty and right when he wrote the words deep throat my mom walked by and said who are u talkn to and i had to close the screen that was a close one i hate when my mom is like i want to know everyone u talk to and their mothers and dont u forget that my jap that is my full name except in intial form (for ur fyi)sorry that really didnt make any sense and mike was really mean to me tonite stacy u need to have a little chat with him about being nice to people so that is all i have to say right now i have my conas in a bunch and yes it is between the cheeks (inside joke with stacy again sorry more people have to hang out with me so i can say more stuff like that....

lata my peps
call me
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