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its been a while

wow i havent updated in a long time i dont even work anymore and i wish i was...but i am working on my school work which unfortunaely have gotten better since i stopped working which sucks because that means that my folks were anywho jsut to keep u all updated life is great i have my best buddy for ever(stacY) over for the weekend, her parents went to las vegas so we were suppose to go to solvang friday but it was pouring like crazy and had to turn around from the 126 and i hope it is not raining next weekend so i can finally go to my cuzins house who jsut lives in ventura but i want to drive there by my self it will be fun but now i can drive other peps and have been driving stacy to and from every wheare we go....but i do nt mind its fun we went to towerrecords which i think i am going to work there when i can go back to work it will be awsome potatos eyeaha!!!!!!!!!!!!soooooooo until next time farthy well my peps!!!!!!!!!!!!!(thank you all who read my shit)and i mean this in the nices way!
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